Press Release: Fourth Street gym takes a different approach to working out

Pilates-Long-BeachSaddle Brook gym takes a different approach to working out

SADDLE BROOK – Ferraro Functional Fitness Gym in Long Beach is like no other.

The TurboSonic, Hypergravity, Vibraflex and Pineapple vibrating machines plus the full-body approach of training make it truly unique.

At other gyms, you’ll wake up sore and tired – it becomes an endless cycle of pain.

At Ferraro Functional Fitness Gym, Clint Bigham has combined state-of-the-art technology and Pilates to offer a workout program custom-fit for your particular needs.

His equipment helps you to recover quicker by reducing the body’s buildup of lactaid acid and Clint offers gentle ways for you to warm up and cool down. “With me, you won’t feel exhausted and sore. You’ll feel excited to come back again.”

His philosophy? To provide a service based on not only exercising the body, but healing it as well. “Not only are you going to feel better but you’ll feel more confident as well. And you are NOT going to hurt.”

After graduating from the University of San Diego in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in international business administration, Clint enrolled in a three-year yoga certification program while simultaneously learning Pilates.

Clint is a certified personal trainer through the Titleist Performance Institute, holds a Pilates and dance conditioning certification from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a Yoga Method Alliance certification, Artform® and BodyCode® certifications, as well as continuing his education in the Feldenkrais® Technique.

Working with his clients is what keeps Clint inspired. And he knows he’s making a difference.

Just recently, he helped a client, Danielle, celebrate her birthday at a local restaurant/bar. She felt so confident in her newly fit body that she hopped up on the piano and soaked it all in as the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to her. “I’d never be able to have done that if it hadn’t been for you,” she told him later.

That, he said, made it all worthwhile.

Ferraro Functional Fitness Gym is located at 224 Midland Ave., Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

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