Chris Tuttle, MS, CSCS

Chris “Tut” Tuttle joined Fast Twitch in 2017 from Villanova University. During his nearly 2 yrs at Villanova, Coach Tuttle was an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football, Men’s Lacrosse, Baseball and Women’s Soccer. Chris also served 5 months as the Interim Director of Football Performance for Villanova University. Prior, Chris spent 6 months as Strength & Conditioning Intern at The University of Cincinnati working with Football, Baseball, Track & Field, Swimming and Men’s & Women’s Soccer. Prior, Chris spent 3 yrs at Misericordia University serving as a Graduate Assistant Baseball Coach, Recruiting Coordinator and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach. Fun fact: Chris is a diehard Boston sports fan. Degrees: Master’s & Bachelor's from Misericordia University; Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS); Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC); Titleist Performance Institute – Level 1 Certified

Jeremy Vides, CPT

Coach Jeremy has been a sports performance coach at the high school level and private sector for over 10 years. “Playing sports my whole life, I couldn’t let myself miss the opportunity to pass on all the lessons I have learned and to help others achieve goals they never saw possible.” Jeremy takes pride in teaching specific movement patterns, as well as being able to help someone feel and move themselves, or their weight, smoother and more efficiently. Fun fact: You will always see Jeremy wearing a Nike logo somewhere on his clothing. Accomplishments: ISSA CPT; NSPA Speed and Agility Specialist & Sports Nutrition Coach; D3 4 year College Football Athlete at Western Connecticut

Jessica Nasuti, ATC, CPT

Coach Jess specialize in populations with current or former injuries. “My clientele consists of people who are looking to lose fat, increase muscle, and/or increase strength through nutritional guidance and functional exercise programming.” Jess wanted a career that allowed her to help people while not sitting behind a desk. This career choice is the perfect duo that allows Jess to work with a wide range of people with the same goal in mind; live a happy, healthy, unrestricted life. Fun fact: Jess can deadlift more than two times her bodyweight. Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree of Science from SUNY Brockport; Certified Athletic Trainer (licensed in NY/NJ), ACE CPT, CSN; Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC); D3 Collegiate Field Hockey Athlete and Captain; Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu

Melinda Rothman, CSCS

Coach Melinda is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with extensive knowledge and experience working with youth athletes. Her areas of expertise include strength training, sport-based movement mechanics, and kickboxing. She also has her Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification to build golf-specific strength programs. “I have been an athlete since I was young, which led to my passion for coaching youth athletes.” Fun fact: Melinda was a gymnast, ran track and field, and currently trains in MMA. Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree from The College of New Jersey; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS); Titleist Performance Institute – Level 1 Certified

Dr. Thomas Abrams, DC

Dr. Thomas "TJ" Abrams thrives on meshing his expertise in the strength and conditioning world with his doctorate level education of human movement and injuries. His goal with patients and clients is to restore normal function around certain joints and then ensure strength and stability to the muscles that are responsible for moving said joints. He chose the field of Chiropractic because he was infatuated with the idea that most people can resolve they’re pain without surgery. To get patients truly better, he believes the best recipe is a mix of both Chiropractic care and an in depth training routine. Fun fact: Dr. Abrams loves to snowboard in the winter and ride his motorcycle in the summer. Degrees: Doctorate at the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic

Andrew Brigley, MS, CSCS

Coach Andrew “Briggs” has a storied athletic background and has trained many youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes in a variety of sports. Nowadays, Coach Briggs is looking to train clients looking to live a healthier lifestyle. “I chose this field to improve and educate clients overall health and well-being.” Fun fact: I am a diehard New York Jets fan. Degrees: Master’s Degree & Bachelor’s Degree from Sacred Heart University; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS); D1 5 year Football Athlete

Rurik Ferro, CPT, CNC

Rurik had many internships and professional working experiences in various fields, before finally pursuing a career as a Personal Trainer. Rurik specializes in training clients with a functional, pain-free approach. “My objective is to help my clients get stronger, feel better and move more fluidly.” Rurik decided to pursue personal training to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment in his life – helping people pursue their physical fitness, wellness and personal goals is incredibly gratifying. Fun fact: Rurik’s favorite television show of all-time is Fresh Prince of Belair – and owns all six seasons on DVD. Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University Newark; NASM CPT, CNC

John Puzio, PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. John Puzio is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who graduated from Rutgers University with his doctorate in 2019. Dr. John also attended Rutgers for his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. In 2021, he became an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, demonstrating his knowledge of current research and his ability to implement evidence-based practice to his patients. Dr. John has always had a lifelong passion for fitness and athletics. He strength trains regularly and continues to play basketball and flag football in his free time. Fun Fact: Dr. John is not a twin but shares the same birthday with his brother 11 years apart. Accomplishments: Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rutgers University, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Danielle Viola, CPT, CNC

Coach Danielle aims to help her clients achieve improved and increased muscle mass through proper nutritional coaching and the proper exercise regimen. Danielle chose this field for a few reasons, “I think there is a lot of misinformation regarding adding on muscle mass. Being able to provide clarity to my clients and help people achieve sustainable results is extremely rewarding.” Additionally, Danielle believes there is a lot of self-confidence that comes with getting stronger and seeing yourself grow muscle. Fun fact: Danielle is an Online Training and Nutritional Coach. Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree from University of Delaware; NASM CPT, CNC; TRX Certified and Group Fitness Certified

Brandon Rendini, CPT

Coach Brandon is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, “…although I don’t feel that tells the full story. I am constantly reading new articles and listening to podcasts trying to expand my knowledge to provide the client the best experience while also helping them reach their goals.” Brandon’s clientele primarily includes individuals looking to lose weight and student athletes between the middle school and high school ages. Brandon previously went through a body transformation and wishes to help people make the necessarily changes to lead a healthier lifestyle. Also, his experience playing baseball allows Brandon to help athletes hone their skills, learn more about their bodies and increase strength. Fun fact: Brandon is a car fanatic and attends car shows almost every weekend. Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree from William Paterson University; ACE CPT

Justo Mejias, CSCS

Coach Justo has been training and in love with the world of training for 12 years now. “Throughout my athletic career, I played multiple sports like basketball, track and field, wrestling and played football.” Justo’s expertise is working with any athlete looking to take the next step for their performance, as well as anybody looking for guidance to improve their overall health and performance. Fun fact: Justo’s favorite type of training is power-building, and occasionally he trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree from Ithica College; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS); Prescript (Biomechanics Intensive) – Level 1 Certified

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