Dr. Peter Ferraro

Founder & CEO

In addition to serving as the CEO of Ferraro Spine and Rehab, Dr. Ferraro leads the medical/recovery teams at Fast Twitch. His background in multi-disciplinary compliancy allows for Fast Twitch to provide their clients with the best care legally and ethically. Dr. Ferraro is also a renowned chiropractor, speaker and a nationally certified Medical Compliance Specialist.

Chris Tuttle

Director of Operations

Chris has served in multiple capacities at Villanova University, Misericordia University, and the University of Cincinnati prior to joining forces with Fast Twitch. His expertise is crafted through working with football, lacrosse, baseball and soccer teams. Chris’ focus on strength and conditioning brings athletes to the next level.

Andrew Brigley

Lead Performance Specialist

Andrew was a two time NEC Champion with the Sacred Heart University Football Team and he served as assistant strength and conditioning coach for Football, Softball, Wrestling, Track and Field Sprinters, and Women’s Rugby. Following his time at Sacred Heart, he was a Performance Specialist at Blue Streak Sports Training and also spent time as a Performance Specialist at Lakeside Fitness Center.

Jeremy Vides

Performance Specialist

Jeremy is affiliated with National Sports Performance Association – speed and agility (NSPA), USA weightlifting- Olympic weightlifting (USAW), International Youth Conditioning Association- high school strength and conditioning specialist (IYCA), International Sports Science Association – fitness trainer (ISSA). He is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University and he brings his talents to our Bergen county facility.

Jess Nasuti

Performance Specialist

Jessica is a certified athletic trainer (ATC), ACE certified personal trainer (ACE CPT), ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist, and NY Certified Coach. She has specialized in weight loss and circuit training/boot camps. Jessica was a collegiate field hockey player at SUNY Brockport and was head varsity field hockey coach at North Rockland High School. She competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a purple belt. Jessica’s athletic background and degree helps athletes achieve their goals.

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