Sport Performance

In order to improve as an athlete, you must train like an athlete. Fast Twitch’s Sport Performance combines typical resistance training with functional and plyometric movements to prepare you for competition. This sport-specific approach focuses on elements of:

Acceleration / Deceleration
Linear Speed Development
Agility and Lateral Movement
1st Step Quickness
Power Development
Vertical Explosiveness
Reactive Principles
Mobility / Flexibility
Energy System Development
Core Stability



Building a Team and generating success often relies on the groundwork that is laid in the off-season and pre-season. Depending on your team goals, Fast Twitch will come to your site and bring their proven training programs to you and your team. Elements include:

  • Competitive Atmosphere
  • Goal-setting and Accountability
  • Strength and Power
  • Speed and Explosiveness
  • Reactive Agility
  • Stability / Mobility / Flexibility
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